Getting to Know ceramist Jeff Ham


Today we get a chance to get to know local potter Jeff Ham, who discovered pottery not too long ago and has already transitioned to being a full time maker. We get a chance to talk to him about his journey to pottery and how his time as an apprentice with a well-established potter taught him not just the craft of ceramics but the business of art, as well.

Since leaving his apprenticeship, he’s been carefully selecting shops and art fairs to sell his work, including representation at Light Gallery + Studio, where we recorded this podcast.


We dig into how we work to find the balance between creating functional work that customers respond to, and getting time to experiment and dig into deeper meaning with your work when your work is what pays the bills.

We also got a chance to talk to him about his project 365 plates (yes, a plate a day!) that forced him into more of that experimentation last year with collaborator Forest Frog Studios, and how their charting it on Instagram at @365.plates resulted in forcing him to get comfortable with not over-planning, vulnerability, and what to do with broken plates.

You can find out more about Jeff’s work on his website, where you can find a full list of stockists around the state, and be sure to follow him on Instagram at @jeffhamceramics and keep tabs on the art fairs where he’ll be selling his work through the summer and beyond. You can see Jeff’s work in person in Grand Rapids at Light Gallery + Studio.

All images courtesy of Jeff Ham.