Getting to Know Artist Shelby Kregel

After running into Shelby Kregel selling her prints at the Fulton Street Farmers Market, we sat down for a conversation with her at Light Gallery + Studio. To learn more about her life as an artist—including her life on the road in The Green Bus, a smaller school bus converted into a traveling tiny home that she, her husband, and their toddler Daisy traveled in throughout the U.S. and Canada—while Shelby sold her artwork along the way.


Now settled back in at home in West Michigan, Shelby reveals what paintings really seem to resonate with people: outdoor scenes (often with inspiring quotes by John Muir, the “father of the national parks”), tea bags, florals, and...llamas and raccoons. Something about odd animals, she says, seems to capture people’s interest.

During their time on the road, Shelby’s artwork was what provided for her family, and we ask how she was able to do that. She’s got some advice for other artists who’d like to make their artwork their full-time career. She recommends to be bold, be confident with your style, and not be afraid of rejection. That, and she’s got some more tidbits in our conversation.

To see more of Shelby’s work, check out her website, or follow along as creates more (and keep tabs on where you can find her popping up) on her Instagram account. Of course, you can also find prints by Shelby Kregel by stopping by Light Gallery + Studio.

All images courtesy of Shelby Kregel.