Getting to Know Abstract Painter Nora Faber Overvoorde

We sit down with local abstract painter Nora Faber Overvoorde, who works in a less-common base for paintings than most: clayboard. Nora walks us through the process of working with clayboard, and why she uses this particular material, as well as telling us all the steps from acrylic to oil paints to leaves to sand to anything she can find that draws her interest.


Nora explains that she hopes to “ground myself and touch the heavens simultaneously,” and describes her intuitive process as a healing space—with a process she calls “anti-intellectual.” She says she’s looking for the aha moment that can only come when you stop trying to think to hard to figure it out.

Though her work is abstract, she’s still telling a story or creating scenes in her work, and she talks about that process and how the story comes out.

Nora, who got her degree in art education, still teaches private and group classes for several local places. She teaches clayboard, as well as traditional painting and drawing, for everything from elementary schools to homeschool programs to just individuals interested in exploring creative expression. Nora encourages people to just play and explore, and not worry about how it turns out—especially when working with clayboard, which she describes as “incredibly forgiving.”

Learn more about Nora and see more of her work on her website, or follow along on Instagram at @fabernora.

All images courtesy of Nora Fabor Overvoorde and Light Gallery + Studio.