Getting to Know Michael Pfleghaar


We recently got a chance to better get to know Michael Pfleghaar, long time leading artist and Tanglefoot Studios resident in Grand Rapids, MI, and recorded that conversation for you so you could glean wisdom from this creative powerhouse, too. Pfleghaar admits that he’s never been afraid of color, and we dive into his fascination with houseplants—and interiors in general. He’s working to create a reminder for us to slow down and pay closer attention to stillness, in an age when everything is competing for our attention and moving so fast to do so.

We also got a chance to better understand his journey as an artist, how he’s been able to maintain a professional practice for three decades, and what other work he does to sustain himself.


One of those out-of-the-studio roles for Pfleghaar is teaching, and he talks about the classes he’ll be teaching at the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT) this summer, for 7th through 12th graders. I ask him what advice he’d give to those young artists and you’ll want to tune in—as it’s great advice for anyone wanting to pursue their creative dreams.

Pfleghaar’s work can be found at Light Gallery + Studio, where we recorded this conversation, and also online at his website, on Saatchi Art, and of course you can follow him on Instagram at @pfleghaar.

All images courtesy of Michael Pfleghaar and Light Gallery + Studio.