Getting to Know Artist Lisa Price

Lisa Price, artist and the queen of the vintage find, joins us this week on Light Conversations to talk about her journey to becoming a full-time artist and vintage goods proprietor. 

Photo by Andrea Lutz.

Photo by Andrea Lutz.

Lisa could be described as a “recession success story,” and admits she started small—including writing down what she wanted in a notebook—after an interview ended with the interviewer noting that he didn’t think she wanted the job she was there to interview for, and suggested she do what she wanted to do. She explains how she made that happen, including ending up running artgoodies and vintagegoodies, and getting her work featured on huge platforms like Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, The Today Show, and the list goes on.

Photos above by David Sparks.

We also get a chance to learn more about her “007 Acre Farms” in her back(and front! and side!)yard, an urban micro/mini farm. Full of pollinator plants and a “bee hotel,” vegetables and flowers everywhere, the micro farm is now registered as a certified wildlife habitat.

Lisa has recently brought back an event called her Popup Vintage and Textile Sale, in her garage, where she’ll feature both artgoodies and vintagegoodies products, including artgoodies seconds at low prices—and promises us she’ll give a tour of the backyard while you stop by for the sale.

If you can’t make it to see her in person that weekend, you can always find her goods at Light Gallery + Studio, or follow @agvg_generalstore for new items coming up for sale, and of course visit her website for her online shop and other places, online and IRL, to find her work.

Pop up Vintage and Textile Sale
(click to see facebook event)
Thurs, July 25 5-8 p.m.
Fri-Sat, July 26-27 9-4
475 Julia Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI

All other images courtesy of Lisa Price.