Getting to Know Artist Chelsea Michal Garter

We’re sitting down for a conversation today with Chelsea Michal Garter, who was recently named West Michigan’s favorite visual artist in REVUE Magazine’s annual Best of the West. You may have seen her work at Rise Authentic Baking’s new storefront, where she has a large mural of her line drawing portraits, or at one of the many shops and galleries that carry her work in the area. 


We talk to Chelsea about her own artwork, and the growth she’s had in her own work over the years, as well as how she feels she had no choice but to become an artist. We dive into those assumptions society has about artists—we’re sad, tortured, disorganized, starving, all cutting off our ears—and how Chelsea’s own work seems a contrast to all of those assumptions. It’s full of joy and energy, with a lyrical quality to much of her line work.

We also get a chance to talk to her about the next pop-up event of artists and makers that she helped kick off with Naomi Weima, called Market Noh-Che. The upcoming one-day pop-up event is happening this time at MadCap (1041 Fulton Street SE) on September 7 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and includes 24 local artists and makers.


To see Chelsea’ work in person, visit one of the many local shops and galleries that carry her work, or stop by Market Noh-Che on September 7 to meet her in person.

All images courtesy of Chelsea Michal Garter and @mj.geeney of @riseauthenticbakery.