Getting to Know Artist BreeAnn Veenstra


We sit down to talk with BreeAnn Veenstra, the artist behind Wildship Studio this week to learn more about how she got started as an illustrator (wedding invitations, as it turns out!) and what she’s doing now that she’s gotten away from wedding products. She creates prints, cards, enamel pins, stickers, baby leggings, and more—including the popular “We go together like Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows” print/card. In our conversation, she talks about the inspiration for that piece, and talks about how much of her work is inspired by her love of nature. 

We also get to talk to her about the new studio space she’s created in her home, and what she’s done in the space to make it chock full of inspiration. That includes bringing as much of that nature into her studio—whether it’s the sliding doors right to the backyard, or rocks and plants and even a freshwater aquarium, collected around her.


She reveals some of the struggles of running her own business as an artist, the importance of making time for creative play, and prioritizing and permission for play. When she’s not playing or running the business in her studio, you can find her outside as much as possible, and lets us in on some of her favorite spots at Meijer Gardens, her own backyard, Provin Trails or Blandford Nature Center

To learn more about Bree’s work, you can visit her website, which has plenty of items in the shop plus a full list of stockists where you can see her work in person for purchase—including, of course, Light Gallery and Studio on the Avenue for the Arts, South Division in Grand Rapids, MI. And of course, follow along to learn about new products as they come out and see more of what Bree is up to on Instagram at @wildshipstudio.

All images courtesy of BreeAnn Veenstra and Wildship Studios.