Getting to Know Joe Becherer

Photo credit Eric Bouwens.

Roxy Paine’s “Neurons” at Meijer Gardens

Roxy Paine’s “Neurons” at Meijer Gardens

Joseph Becherer, former Chief Curator and Vice President of Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, left Grand Rapids recently for a new role as director of the  Snite Museum of Art, as well as helping them create the new Raclin Murphy Museum of Art at Notre Dame over the next two years.

Before he left, Holly Bechiri had the honor of sitting down with him to talk about the legacy he leaves us, as Becherer was at Meijer Gardens since the beginning, in a staff capacity since 1999 but consulting with Fred Meijer on his dream of building a world-class sculpture collection.


Becherer has accomplished that, and more, with his work leading the team at Meijer Gardens to develop a sculpture collection that spans the modern tradition to the present. There are now more than 200 works in the over 158 acres of the park, bringing quality art experiences to the community. Becherer’s work, alongside horticulturists in the gardens, has created an approachable way to experience the greats of art history, as well as the most important living artists of today, from Auguste Rodin to  Ai Weiwei. The exhibition currently in the indoor gallery, up through August 25, at Meijer Gardens celebrates that legacy that Joe Becherer helped Fred Meijer build.

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